What is MASTER Edu-Creation ?

"MASTER EduCreation" is a part of Social-Enterprise, engaged in offering effective Learning Solution to Children, Students and Education Institute through it's STEM / STEAM Education and Learning Equipments and concepts . STEM Learning is effective Learning concept followed in developed countries.

STEM / STEAM Base Education and Learning helps children progress from one level to another in a friendlier interactive atmosphere. Learning is essential to the social, political and economic development of any nation, so effective teaching is very essential.

We started "MASTER EduCreation" with the main motive that to adapt with global changes and challenges and emerge with quality education which will uplift the standard of students so as to meet the market requirements of becoming employable and developing entrepreneurship.

"MASTER EduCreation" manufacturing, Marketing and Offering STEM / STEAM base scientific models which illustrate scientific concepts that make the ideas more understandable to learners and students.

What is STEM Learning & Education and Why now in India..??

S: Science, M: Mathematics, T: Technology, E: Engineering & Now A: Arts

STEM education is the intentional integration of science, technology, engineering, mathematics & Now Arts, and their associated practices to create a student-centered learning environment.

In STEM / STEAM Concept Environment, students investigate and engineer solutions to problems, and construct evidence-based explanations of real-world phenomena with a focus on a student's social, emotional, physical, and academic needs through shared contributions of schools, families, and community partners.

MASTER Educreation Stands for:-

M:- Mathematics

Techniques and Tools which makes Maths learning a fun experience.

A:- Arts & Asyncronise learning

Designed tools as best fusion of Art and Technology and Asyncronise learning

S:- Sciences

Learning fundaments of Science becomes so much enoyable with MASTER's Kit.

T:- Technology

Students are exposed to current uses of technology and real application of Science principles.

E:- Engineering

Real wold application base tools shows application of learning in the Engineering

R:-Research & Development

Master's STEM Learning helps create curiosity and enables student research the possibilities.

About us

Spirochem Lifesciences Pvt Ltd, is a Social Enterprises engaged in offering products and services in the field of Healthcare and Education.In the core field of Health Care, Spirochem Lifesciences Manufactures, designs and produce Food Fortification Premixes and Organic-Inorganic Nutrients to fight against Malvenutrition in India and across the world.
Whereas, in the field of Education, we conceptualise, design, develop and manufacture the STEM base Education tools and concepts, Science Laboratory for Schools as our initiative to change the education approach from Theory/book base to Practical experience base which helps to transform education system, way we teach to our students and enables create workable manforce, reliable next generation and future innovators and enterprenures.s

Activities of Spirochem Lifesciences in the filed of Education is exelerating the transformation in the education system based on NCRT / NCF Guidelines of Govt. of India for Education and hence, activity itself is CSR solution in Education and STEM learning.

On the Other hand, our premixes are touching lifes by offering Products and solutions in fighting Malvenutrition through our Food Fortification Premixes, Organic - Inorganic Nutriets, Multi-Vitamins and Multi-Mineral Blends, Mother and Infant Food premixes, etc. which adds value and Nutrients to the food and "Fight Hidden Hunger" of Human, Animals and Aquacultures.

All our Products are deisgn as per Industrial standards, like MASTER Edu-Creation products are designed as per CBSC, SSC, ICSE, NCRT, NCF requirements and guidelines. Whereas Premixes are made as per FSSAI, cGMP, HACCP Guidelines.

Please visit our website: www.spirochem.in for more details about our activity.

MASTER Transforming Education:

User Friendly


Remembrance after 2 werk


Adding Value to Education


Fun and Curitocity in Education


Teaching time reduction


Our Product Portfolio

MASTER EduCreation brings opportunity to schools and education institutes to upgrade themself with their own STEM education lab instead of relying on consulting services who charges exorbident fees and charges. It helps Schools upgrade to STEM Enabled/Certified schools.

We offer wide range of STEM / STEAM, DIY, Tinker Lab and Robotics base Products in following categories and domains:

MASTER's STEM Learning Models

Offers Independent 350+ Table top STEM Learning working Models for Schools from Kinder Garden, KG, 1st Std. to 10th Std. as per NCRT, NCF guidelines.


Offers Science Centre for School consist Set of 100 Table top STEM Learning working Models from Kinder Garden, KG, 1st Std. to 10th Std. as per NCRT, NCF guidelines.

MASTER's Robotics Kit

MASTER's Robotic Kit is a independent Kit for schools and classes for teaching Advance STEM Education to Students.


MASTER Educreation offer Various DIY (Do It Yourselves) for Schools (Standard KIT) and for Students as per Syllabus and Division, Grade/Std. from 5th to 10th Std.

MASTER's Tinker Lab Kits

MASTER Educreation offer Tinker Lab Kit for Schools (Standard KIT) and for Students as per Syllabus and Division, Grade/Std. from 5th to 10th Std.

MASTER's DIY Chemistry Kit

At MASTER, we have designed a Chemistry base DIY Kits for Students as per NCRT/NCF guidelines and as per Grade/Std. from 5th to 10th Std.

Farm Crop Protection Kit

MASTER have designed and developed a Kit/Tool for Farm Crop protection from Wild Animals without harming Animals and Environment.

MASTER's Children, Women Nutrients

MASTER have designed and developed the customised Nutrients packets and Sachets to fight Anemia and Maolvenutrition of Women and Childrens

The Team

Our team and consultants includes highly qualified Engineers, Managers, Biotechnologists, PhD, Designers, IT professionals and many more with wide experience in their respective domains and experties.

Deepali Gole

Deepali Gole

Director-Education Division

Qualification: B.Sc.- Hon. Biotechnology from University of Mumbai
M.B.A. in HR & Biotechnology Management
Decade plus year in Biotechnology, HR and Operations management with various companies.

Ashish Shinde

Ashish Shinde

Manager- Technical Sales

Qualifications: B.E-Mechanicals from University of Mumbai
5 years plus experience in the operations, Process and
Technology development, design and operations management.

Vinod Gole

Vinod Gole

Operations Manager

Qualifications: Dip. in Paramedics from Mumbai
B.Sc. Hon. Chemistry from University of Mumbai
M.B.A. in Healthcare Management
Decade plus year in Healthcare Units and Operations management.

 Our Staff

Our Entire Staff (Stake Holders)

Long Term Association

Long Association
Trust and support
Actual Practical experience in Managing our organisation with all responsibilities.


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Our Reach

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Our Response

Product Categoty

Our products are panacea to various issues faced by teachers in explaining STEM concept to Students on the bsasis of Theory and its based on Theory to Practical base learning models. Our product category includes various packages in following:

STEM Tools

  • 350 + Models
  • Users Manual
  • Visuals
  • Training
  • Online Support
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STEM Lab/ Centre

  • 350 + Models
  • Users Manual
  • Visuals
  • Training
  • Online Support
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Robotics Kit

  • 50 + Models
  • Users Manual
  • Visuals
  • Training
  • Online Support
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